• CMI is continuing to work with NTV and Dentsu on the development of another installment of People Magnet TV, with the next special episode planned for early 2014. Additional TV projects are currently in development for both the US and Japanese markets.
  • People Magnet TV (2013)

    People Magnet TV is a show that encourages viewers to get involved with various social and environmental causes by highlighting the efforts of celebrities and everyday citizens in countries all around the world. The first episode of PMTV aired in Japan on NTV in July of 2013, as a special one hour program as part of NTV’s 60th anniversary celebrations.

    CMI was asked to help produce a PMTV pitch video, and the show was ultimately picked up by the network with support from Dentsu. CMI went on to help produce several segments, most notable among them being the lead story about Matt Damonand his efforts to tackle the clean water crisis through the foundation which he cofounded.
  • Lightscapes (2010)

    Lightscapes aired in the United States on Discovery Networks HD Theater as an experiential program featuring the large scale lighting display artwork of Akira Hasegawa. Akira's "Digital Kakejiku" artwork was part of the celebrations for the ceremonial re-opening of the Uji Bridge at the Ise Grand Shrine in Japan's Mie prefecture.

    Produced in partnership with Cinefugue's Peter Chang, who now heads up Golden Gate 3D, the half-hour show was shot in only two days with a small crew and minimal budget.