• Having worked with numerous high-profile Hollywood entertainment properties within the Japanese market for the past 10 years, CMI more recently began helping to bring select Japanese entertainment properties to audiences in North America.
  • Tezuka Productions

    CMI is both excited and honored to announce that it has entered into a representation agreement with Tezuka Productions to help manage the company’s portfolio of properties within the North American market, with plans to reintroduce many of the late Osamu Tezuka’s masterpieces and reboot select properties across a range of different media.

    Credited as the "Godfather of Anime" and most widely known for the beloved Astro Boy which was first introduced to the world as a manga in 1952, Osamu Tezuka is also famous in Japan for many of his edgier creations, some of which are highlighted here, and many of which have been adapted into live-action feature films and TV programs in Japan.

    © Tezuka Productions, All Rights Reserved.
  • Hiroyuki Takahashi

    Hiroyuki Takahashi is a Japanese artist whose eye-popping work is supercharged with influences of anime & manga, augmented with the wild energy of the Tokyo club scene.

    CMI is pleased and honored to have the opportunity to bring Takahashi's vibrant, lively illustrative style to a larger, worldwide audience.

    © Hiroyuki Takahashi, All Rights Reserved
  • UrumaDelvi

    CMI is working with the Japanese pop artist duo known as UrumaDelvi to manage their impressive portfolio of animated and illustrated properties with the goal of developing opportunities and producing projects within the North American marketplace. UrumaDelvi is well known in Japan for their smash hit Oshiri Kajiri Mushi (aka "Bottom Biting Bug") which set the longest-running record as Japan's most popular music video program for children on NHK.

    UrumaDelvi's other well known properties include Dodobongo, Capsule Samurai, Mr. Calpaccio, Twin Obake, and most recently Psychedelic Afternoon, which was created in collaboration with David Byrne and Ryūichi Sakamoto (pictured right).

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